Regardless of breed, size and age,
we welcome both CATS and DOGS in Dog Gone Mobile Salon.

 Before your pets grooming session starts, I’ll sit down with you to discuss grooming needs, behavior, health, and service rates then we’ll create a custom grooming plan for you, and your pet(s).
We have a safe, clean, quiet, and low stress environment.

List of services:

•  Bathing
•  Drying
•  Brushing
•  Dematting
•  Clipping
•  Styling
•  Nail trimming
•  Teeth brushing
•  And much more!

“How much does it cost?”

A very good question. It will cost more than if you take your pet to a salon, but you are paying for me coming to you, and a less stressful environment, only your pet in the trailer during grooming time and my undivided attention.
Grooming usually takes about one to three hours depending on condition of your pet and his/her size, attitude, and cooperation.

Service + Size = Cost

 Service Selections

Service 1

Bath and brush for dogs
Ideal for short and smooth hair.

Petite: $45-$50
Small: $50-$55
Med: $60-$65
Large: $70-$75
Ex Lg: $80-$85
Super:  $90 and up

Service 2

Includes everything in service 1
plus light trimming for face, feet and paw pads, feathers, fanny and tail.
Ideal for longer, flowing coats, coats of defined length or in-between regular groomings.

Petite: $55-$60
Small: $60-$65
Med: $70-$75
Large: $80-$85
Ex Lg: $90-95
Super: $100 and up

Service 3

 Includes everything in service 1 plus a full haircut / makeover
(clipped short or fluffy).

Petite: $65-$70
Small: $75-$80
Med: $80-$85
Large: $90-$95
Ex Lg: $105 and up
Super: $135 and up

Cat grooming

 Cats are clipped or brushed out.
A full bath and dry is included with the service,
but not required if you prefer not to have your cat bathed.

 I use Earthbath Specialty Cat Shampoo, an extremely high quality product made here in the Bay Area for those of us who like to buy local and know our suppliers personally.

 Earthbath specially formulated this gentle, conditioning shampoo just for our fine furred feline friends. pH-balanced for mildness, this luxurious shampoo contains nature’s finest blend of natural cleansers, supple conditioners, aloe vera and fragrant essences. Exquisite conditioners and aloe vera soften the coat, add manageability and help to moisturize the skin and to soothe irritations.
Safe for all animals over the age of 6 weeks.


Purified water, renewable coconut-based cleansers, gentle conditioning agent, aloe vera, natural cherry essence, olive oil squalene (natural preservative).
All ingredients are natural and 100% biodegradable.


Earthbath products do not contain anything that would harm you, your pet, or the planet. This product contains no: parabens, phosphates, pthalates, DEA, synthetic dyes or perfumes.

Short Hair

Up to 1 inch… under 10 pounds:  $75 and up
over 10 pounds:  $85 and up

Medium Hair

up to 2 inches… under 10 pounds:  $85 and up
over 10 pounds:  $95 and up

Long Hair

over 2 inches… under 10 pounds:  $95 and up
over 10 pounds:  $105 and up

Ex large

20 pounds and over:  $110 and up

 Stink Eradication

 a special process for removing noxious odors that pets like to roll in
from dead fish, deer musk, automobile fluids, to skunk

Cost per application $25

(sometimes more than one application is needed
to completely remove especially bad odors)

Add-on services

(can be added to any of the packages above)

•  De-matting or heavy brush-out to save existing coat as in ears and tail of a pet that needed a full body shave or dematting a full coat
$20  (and up depends on time)

•  Hand Stripping or Hand Scissoring
$1 per minute

•  Tooth Brushing

• Nail painting

• Flea and Tick bath

• De-shedding a special vacuum tool and shampoo treatment removes 75%-95% of Dead coat
$20 and up
(depends on time required and amount of coat to be removed)


 Determining SIZE for Dogs

to give you an idea of size take a look at these pets


can be easily carried in one of those cute shoulder bags all day
(up to about 8 pounds)



Can be carried here and there, but not all day
(about 8 to 15 pounds)



Can be picked up and put on a table, but too big to carry for long,
likes to be a “lap-dog”, but just a little to big
(about 15 to 25 pounds)



Can’t be picked up and carried very easily,
takes up the other half of the love seat when you watch TV
(about 25-45 pounds)


Extra Large

Stands on the floor with head in your lap,
but you can’t see the TV if the dog is IN your lap
(about 45 to 70 pounds)


Super Sized

They are the coffee table or footstool while you are watching TV
(over 70 pounds)


There is one size bigger…


These include, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Irish Wolfhound, etc.

Many mobile groomers do not have the equipment, or facilities to do these dogs. We are able to handle dogs this size, but due to the vast differences in coat length, thickness, texture, and what you want done we ask you to call for a quote.   You can email, or text me a picture, or I am happy to come by and look at the dog and give you an estimate.

For example in the images below the Irish Wolfhound which is the middle dog on the bottom row would be approximately $100.00 for a #1 service, $120.00 for a #2, and $140.00 for a #3.

However, the Newfoundland which is the black dog on the right in the top row, because he has a lot of undercoat and appears to be shedding out would be a minimum of $200.00 for a #1 service with a de-shedding add on.  If they wanted a #3 service and simply clip him down short, it would only be about $150.00 because it takes less time and effort.
So call for a quote today. (707) 364-7227


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